Sunday, August 1, 2010

War of the Shrines, part 9, Warriors of Chaos Turn 2

Varangia watched with patience. Though his men were crowded in, soon they would break through the lines and then his better troops would break through.

Ah...there it was. Without waiting for his signal, his elite troops sprang into action.

Prince Chrysopolis flew forward to attack the High Elf battle standard bearer. His loss should cause their lines to break even quicker which would allow the Knights, Dragon Ogres, and Shaggoth to sweep around that flank and begin wreaking havoc, death and destruction on his enemies.

Close behind, the Knights saw their chance and charged into two Nobles caught out on their own.

Close behind, the Dragon Ogres and Shaggoth readied themselves to charge through the breach the Chosen were about to open by destroying the High Elf archer brigade.

He turned to the other flank in time to see the Knights stationed there charge in to help the beleaguered Giant against the Treeman.

The left flank started as planned. Chrysopolis handily dispatched the hapless noble and his charge carried him on into contact with the archmage who moments before had been safely behind High Elf lines.

Then a strange thing happened. The Archers slew a Chosen and only lost one man in return (1 hit in 11 attacks needing 3s). They stood strong, holding up the Knights who tried to follow through after slaying the two hapless Nobles.

Magic crackled and suddenly the Dwarfs, confused, began turning on themselves, slaying 4 of their own number before regaining their senses.
Angered, fearful, the Warriors fighting the Forsaken devastated them, slaying 4 and forcing the other to flee, charging into the Marauders behind.

More magic crackled and Marauders began be replaced by Exalted heroes. Varangia nodded. He would not get the breakout his army desired, but soon...and when they broke through, there would be no stopping them.

7 Hammerers (including 1 champion)
1 Dwarf Warrior
1 Glade Rider
1 Wound to the Treeman
2 Dryads
2 High Elf Nobles
1 High Elf Battle Standard Bearer
1 High Elf Archer

1 Chosen
4 Forsaken
2 Marauders
1 Chaos Knight
1 wound to Spawn
put 2 Exalted Heroes in unit of Marauders
Giant regained 1 wound

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