Monday, August 9, 2010

War of the Shrines Turn 4 Overview

What a miserable turn for the Dwarf army. They broke and broke and broke and kept getting run down. Over half their army wiped out in one turn.
Conversely, the Warriors of Chaos, now having all their forces in play, are roaming the battlefield freely and bringing their skill and power to bear.
In an attempt to mitigate their power, I started deliberately doing some risky, insane things with them..but it worked.
Meanwhile, the Orc half of the army looked to be the equal of the Warriors of Chaos, killing everything it touched.
Unfortunately, the Night goblins began melting down.
The Wood Elfs can do a little bit of damage, but their days are numbered also.
It would be a major, major upset if anyone but the Warriors of Chaos won this thing. But I do anticipate a highly entertaining battle between Savage orcs and individual units of Warriors.

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