Friday, August 6, 2010

War of the Shrines Part 17, Wood Elf Turn 3

The Wood Elf lines were on the verge of disintegrating. So long as they could keep the enemies at bay, their superior shooting and maneuverability gave them hope. But the northmen were killing their dryads, the wardancers had fled...their entire left flank was gone.

Their only hope was to free up the right flank and bring those Wardancers and that Treeman back to face the overwhelming power they were facing.

Unfortunately, the goblins were showing no signs of making their normal cowardly flee maneuver.

The fearless Dryads moved to try and rescue the handful of Glade Guard facing the goblins, charging into the flank.

The few remaining Glade Guard unengaged did what they did best, unleashing a flight of arrows at the Chaos Knights pursuing the rallied Wardancers. They found success as two of the heavily armored foe fell under the expert shooting.

Some how, some way, Oakheart Wylde fended off enough of the blows of Varangia to stay on his feet, though he was wavering and bleeding from two serious cuts.
The Wood Elf line shivered...and held.
2 Chaos Knights
9 Night Goblin Spearmen
2 Wardancers
4 Glade Guard
2 Wounds to Oakheart Wylde

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