Tuesday, August 3, 2010

War of the Shrine Wood Elf Turn 2, part 12

Oakheart Wylde was everywhere at once.

He directed the Glade Guard in a furious hail of arrows at the onrushing Dwarf warriors, pointed the Waywatchers at one Fanatic who might run wild through the Wood Elf lines...and away from another who looked like he might run into the Dwarf lines.

A flick of his wrist sent his Eagle Riders screaming in to help out the Glade Riders in their short-range duel with the marauders.

On he right, the Treeman and Wardancers were steamrolling the hapless Night Goblins.

At first, things went well.

The combined firepower of the Eagle riders and Glade Riders finished off the small unit of Marauder horsemen.

The Dryads demonstrated their ferocity, slaying one of the hideous spawn.

Then things began to fall apart. The Chaos Warrior on the Juggernaut attacked with ferocity and the Knights ably assited him, slaying both treekin and even as they crumbled to the ground in their death throes, the mighty Treeman took another hit and the giant got even stronger.

In the center, the combined bow-fire took out several Dwarf Warriors...but it might be too little, too late. The bearded midgets prepared to charge and the Glade Guard knew they were in trouble.
6 Dwarf Warriors
1 Night Goblin Fanatic
6 Night Goblins
2 Marauder Horsemen
1 Chaos Spawn
1 Chaos Knight
2 Treekin
1 Wound to Treeman (and Giant recovered one)

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