Tuesday, August 3, 2010

War of the Shrine, Part 11, Turn 2 Orcs and Goblins

Little Bear came up to Alaquippa.

"Orders, A-Quip?"

Alaquippa's smiled stretched from ear to ear. He pointed to the right. "See the pointy-ears?"

Little Bear nodded.

Alaquippa pointed straight ahead. "See the stunties?"

Little Bear nodded.

Alaquippa pointed to the left. "See the other pointy ears?"

Little bear nodded.

"Go smash them."

Little Bear hesitated, then argued, "The fanatics are getting a bit out of control...they went right through the Wold Riders and the Wolf Riders left their post."

Alaquippa shrugged. "They saw some stunties and went after them. Your point?"

"What should we do about the fanatics?"

"Ignore them. General advance. It is time for the Orcs to do what we do best...squish stuff."

Fanatics rumbled through the Wolf Riders and Hammerers, dealing out modest destruction as many wounds were saved this turn.

Meanwhile, the Night Goblin archers managed to slay 2 Miners and won the combat.

3 Wolf riders
6 Night Goblins

3 hammerers
2 Miners

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