Friday, August 6, 2010

War of the Shrine part 16: Orcs and Goblins turn 3

Alaquippa gazed with glee at the carnage on every side. Oh, sure, some of it was his own army getting torn to shreds by the Treeman, Wardancers, and even the stunty shooting...but plenty of blood was being drawn from the foes as well.

Briefly he considered sending out some orders...but it quickly became apparent he did not need to.

The troll and Chariot, no longer with White Lions in front of them, simply went after their next target.

Without the screen of bowmen in front of them, the howling, frenzied Savage Orc Big uns charged into the stunties in front of them.

Alaquippa gestured to Growling Bear. "Let's go hunting!"

Together the two orcs spurred their boars to action and charged the nearest enemy they could see...a Thane and cannon crew.

Even the goblins overcame their natural fear of elves to charge into battle with the badly outnumbered Glade Guard, shrugging off the hail of arrows to come to grips with them.

On every side the orcs and goblins laid about them in brutal hand to hand combat.

And it was brutal. Under the combined force of the chariot and Troll, the High Elf archers fell in droves. It was too much for them, they broke and ran only to be run down by the troll as the Chariot thundered into the flank of the startled mage...the Dragon prince was proving no protection.
Even the final White Lion succumbed to the assault of the mighty Giant (who did a whopping 11 S6 hits, 8 of which wounded...and 7 of which were Ward saved!)

The Dwarf Thunderers also fell to the thunderous charge of the Savage Orcs, and were hacked down as they tried to flee. The force of the charge was such it carried the Savage Orcs into the lines of the Miners behind who, grief stricken over seeing their brethren slain, were ready to deal out some retribution of their own. But first they would have to withstand the charge.

Alaquippa showed why he was the Waaaagggg leader, slaying the thane outright even as Growling Bear slew the cannon crew. Inspired by their success, the two Orc leaders charged into the thunderers standing on the lowest level of the Shrine.

1 Dwarf pirate
11 Thunderers
1 Cannon & Crew
1 Hammerer
7 High Elf Archers
1 High Elf Mage
1 White Lion
2 Glade Guard
1 Wolf rider (errant Doom Diver shot)
2 Night Goblin Archers
6 Night Goblin Spearmen
2 Goblin Spearmen

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