Sunday, August 8, 2010

War of the Shrines Part 19, Turn 4 Warriors of Chaos, High Elf

Varangia made short work of the pointy-eared elf and charged onward atop his mighty Juggernaut.

A quick glance back showed his faith in the talents of his men were well-founded as he watched the giant and the Knights charge forward into the lines of Glade Guard as the last remaining Knight from the first unit charged solo into the Wardancers who had just rallied.

Meanwhile, the mighty Chaos Warriors finally swung into action alongside the Marauders who had done such a magnificent job of holding up the Dwarf Warriors. Seeing their doom, the Dwarf Warriors fought with all their skill...but their skill paled in comparison to that of the rampaging forces of Varangia.

Prince Chrysolopis saw the Dwarf Pirates and flew towards them, engaging them in battle.

As he flew, a gesture of his finger sent waves of destruction rushing over the Orc Giant, leaving him a steaming pile of flesh and blood.

They proved rather more rugged than he anticipated, but also unable to bring him to harm.

On the left flank, the Chosen pounded past the High Elf Repeater bolt Thrower to engage the small group of Dwarf Rangers beyond who were soon in full flight.

All over the field the forces of Varangia ran rampant. Two of the Shrines were fully in their control and only two Dwarfs remained between the Second Wasteland Marauders and control of the mighty Pyramid.
Even more disturbing for any of their foes who cared to notice...a large portion of Varangia's army was looking for more enemies to slay....
1 Dwarf pirate
4 Dwarf Warriors
1 hammerer
1 Cannon and crew
the big unit of Dwarf Warriors
the Wood Elf General
the Wood Elf Mage
Suffered: 1 Chaos Knight
High Elf Turn:
The careening Orc Chariot slew the Mage. His morale shattered, the last Dragon Prince fled the field. There were no more High Elves left on the field.

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