Wednesday, August 11, 2010

War of the Shrine Part 25, Turn 5 Wood Elf

As the Waywatchers fired ineffectually at any enemy they could see, the Treeman charged into the Chaos Knights as the Wardancers went after the Chaos Spawn.

The Wardancers whirling blades sang their song of death, finally felling the vile creature and putting it out of its misery. The Treeman, however, proved less mighty, felling only a single Knight before the savage attacks of Varangia and his minions felled 3 of the Dryads. It was too much for the remaining Dryad and treeman, who tried to flee but were cut down.

1 Chaos Spawn
1 Chaos knights

Suffered: 4 Dryads
1 treeman

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