Wednesday, August 4, 2010

War of the Shrines Part 13: Dwarf Turn 3

Lagir grunted angrily. "It is not the Dwarf way, Rigal Stonesplitter. You should have known better!"

Rigal snarled back, the growl emanating from deep within his core. Briefly he considered adding his twin to his book of grudges, but the moment passed. Below, because of his decisions, his friends and family...brothers, uncles, cousins, kinsmen of every description...were engaged in battle for their lives.

One motion sent Hammerers into battle alongside their warrior kin.

The Slayers saw the threat to the flank on their own and did what they did best...sought the biggest, toughest monster on the field and went after him. What more glorious death than a heroic charge against overwhelming odds?

Rigal nodded in satisfaction. The gap in the lines was closed.

He gestured to Lagir and the Dwarf known only as Grim, the epitome of a heroic but doomed Slayer if ever Rigal had seen one. "It is time for us to bolster the courage of our men."

Without waiting for their response, he descended the steps of the Shrine.

Meanwhile, the Warriors pressed home their attack against the Glade Guard. Had they not lost so many to bow fire, it would have been an easy victory. Still, what harm could weak little Elves do to the mighty Dwarfs in their stout armor? They drove home the charge, confident of victory.

Next to them their brethren Warriors shrugged off the ineffectual bow fire of the Waywatchers and charged into them.

On the backside, a second unit of Miners, seeing their beleaguered brethren falling to, of all things, Night Goblin archers, charged in to support them and put the greenskins to flight once and for all.

On the flank where the tattered remains of the High elf army sought a way to extricate itself, the cannon lined up a shot at Prince Chrysopolis whole the Warriors reformed to face the deadly men of the north.

It was disheartening to see the Prince shrug off a cannonball that every Dwarf clearly saw strike him dead center, nor were most of the other cannons any more effective, though one seemed to wound the Orc Shaman who had been so deadly.
One, however, had the flank of the Glade Riders and the shot was devastating, slaying 4 of them and sending the 5th fleeing in terror.
The Thunderers were more effective. Their deadly fire slew so many Orc bowmen that the remainder took to their heels.

Most of the close combats were back and forth. The heroic slayers failed to do any damage to the mighty Shaggoth, who slew two of them in return.
It was the Hammerers who proved too weak, however, as the mighty Exalted heroes slews several. The unit had enough and, in most un-Dwarflike fashion, took to their heels with the howling Marauders close behind.
Every Hammerer would have been slain had not Rigal and Grim stepped in front to take the charge.

2 Glade Guard
5 Glade Riders
3 Waywatchers
3 High Elf Archers
9 Orc Arrer Boys
5 Night Goblin Archers
3 Night Goblin Spearmen
4 Chaos marauders
3 Hammerers
6 Dwarf Warriors

This was a devastating turn for the Dwarfs. They could not break the Night Goblins in any combat, did no damage to the Shaggoth on the charge, and could not defeat the Wood Elfs. When I elected to go aggressive with them, it was imperative they win at least a couple of these combats in order to have time to get back to the Shrine. Their fate is not sealed...but it is getting close.

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