Sunday, August 1, 2010

War of the Shrines Turn 2: Dwarfs Part 8

Rigal hesitated. Should he command his men to maintain their defensive positions? He knew his dour, courageous men would stand solid, letting the waves of the Warriors of Chaos break against them...

Yet would it not give him the element of surprise if instead he took the fight to the enemies?

Decision made, he gestured to his standard bearer.

Instantly the Dwarf lines swung into action.

The two blocks of Warriors guarding the front of the pyramid suddenly surged forward into the oncoming Marauders, pinning the Chaos Warriors behind them.

With surprising speed and skill, the Slayers and Hammerers swung out from where they defended the eastern wall to begin forming a wall on that flank before the northmen could chew threw the weak Elvish defenses.

Other Warriors charged in to help the pirate crew as the battled a chariot.

In the west, his stern warriors moved towards the shrine guarded by the Glade Guard. They would have to face another devastating volley before they could charge.

And in the south, his front lines surged forward, a handful of hammerers reaching a long line of Night Goblin bowmen.

The expected cannon fire proved useless as three of them mis-fired. The fourth tore through lines of Waywatchers and Glade guards, then the lighter crack of the highly accurate Handguns roared into action with more success.

It was in close combat the Dwarf defenders proved their mettle. On all sides they wreaked havoc, killing Marauders, Night goblins, and charioteers.
Then the impetus of their charge gave out. Grimly Rigal looked on as the opposing lines began their counter-punch.
2 Waywatchers
5 Glade Guard
1 Dryad
2 Repeater Bolt Thrower crew...and 1 wound on a machine.
A White Lion Chariot
6 Orc Bowmen
4 Night Goblins
5 Chaos Marauders
1 Dwarf Warrior
1 Pirate
1 Hammerer

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